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Check out the Video for the Most Relaxing Song Ever


“Weightless”, by Marconi Union, has been visualized with a luminous ballet performed by drones.

A refuge for wounded, old or disabled elephants, located in the Thai highlands, serves as the stage for a radical act of surreal empathy.

Paul Barton is the protagonist of this epic gesture. The British pianist moved his instrument all the way to Elephantstay, a non-profit animal shelter located an hour from Bangkok. Once there, Burton devoted himself to rejoicing the animals by playing different pieces for them, among them Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8 for piano or upbeat jazz sessions.

The elephants seem pretty grateful for Barton’s initiative that, beyond its giddy extravagance, represents an inspiring invitation to share what you have, i.e. your musical talent, with those who need it, in this case, abused elephants.


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