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Chinese New Year 2016: The Personality of the Monkey


February 05, 2016

The Chinese lunar New Year celebrations are approaching, and this time it’s the monkey’s turn.

The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is marked by the Chinese lunar calendar, which dates from the 3rd century B/C., and changes the date of its start each year. This year it is Monday, February 8. Each Chinese year is named after one of the 12 animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac, which is divided into 12 blocks (or houses), as with its Western counterpart, but with the difference that each block lasts for one year instead of for one month. 2016 will be the year of the monkey, and as can be imagined by its characteristics, it will be nothing less than exciting.

But before we enter into the peculiarities of the monkey, it must be understood where the lavish and extravagant celebrations of the Chinese New Year come from, and which are today celebrated in many countries of the world. As with practically all other oriental carnivals, the festivity originates from the act of placating local demons and blessing the harvest for each of the year’s seasons.

chinese dragon costume

The Legendary Nian

According to legend, the celebration of the Chinese New Year began with the fight against a mythological beast called Nian, who had the body of a bull and the head of a lion. It was a fierce animal that lived in the mountains and hunted to survive. Toward the end of winter, when there was nothing to eat, Nian would come down to the villages on the first day of the new year to eat cattle and even people, especially children. To protect themselves, the inhabitants of the towns would put food outside the doors of their houses at the start of each year. Nian stopped attacking people.

The inhabitants therefore lived in terror during the winter, but over time they learned that the ferocious Nian was scared of three things: the color red, fire and noise. So when the new year approached, the people hung red lamps in their doors and windows. They also used fireworks to frighten away Nian. And from then on, Nian never came back to the town.

The personality of the monkey

People born in the year of the monkey are agile, curious, innovative and mischievous. But it is also believed that it is one of the unluckiest years of the Chinese calendar because it is a sign that is often deceitful. People born under its sign must be on their best behavior 365 days a year, or otherwise would offend Tai Sui, the god of age.

cartoon monkey painting

The general image of people born under the sign of the monkey is one of always being clever, intelligent and astute, especially in profession and in money. They are joyful, flexible and versatile and, in addition, honesty and gentleness brings them a life of lasting love. But although their skills are enviable, they have certain deficiencies, such as a volatile temper and a tendency to look at others as if they were inferior. Unless they have sufficiently strong and genuine values, people born under the sign of the monkey can be deceitful and take advantage of others.

Year of the Monkey 2016

The positive and negative aspects of the Year of the Monkey 2016, according to China Highlights, culminate in a year in which anything could happen. The influence of the monkey puts everything into play. Issues will be resolved, but by and large due to personal or individual efforts. Group movements, such as political uprisings or revolutions, will also play a part in this year.

The monkey increases communication, humor and astuteness, and it helps us to overcome moments of stress with grace and tenderness. The monkey’s quality is its skill for finding non-conventional solutions to old problems. Daring to be different can result in success.

It is recommended that one be physically fit this year as, obviously, all movement requires that one be strong and prepared. And although the year promises to be optimistic and progressive, there will also be a certain level of uncertainty. Everybody will want the best deal and there will be plenty of ruses, so nothing this year should be taken for granted in the political, financial, professional, domestic or emotional spheres.

According to those in the know, now is the time to be brave and to do things, rather than simply planning them or just talking about them. Those who can persevere on the wild side, sniff out the liars and be sufficiently astute to advance among the ambitious will have one of the best years of their lives.

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