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Diversity Is Sacred (It Needs To Be Celebrated, Today, More Than Ever)


Diversity is one of our time’s most luminous and fertile areas for growth.

Realities of those who narrate it, who cultivate it, and who share its stories. Today, that reality, perhaps more than ever in history, is made up of countless narratives: forces and stimuli coming from the most diverse cultural landscapes, traditions, and mythologies.

This diversity, one of the features distinguishing us as a species, manifests itself at points of condensation. Here, we don’t speak of geographic places, but of the spaces forged in orgiastic exchanges of multiple cultural energies.

In an increasingly global world, how can we build meeting points to equalize this overflowing diversity? How can we unite without becoming uniform? How do we celebrate differences while remembering that, in the end, we’re all one? Faced with all these questions, and to answer them, we have two specific tools: creativity and collaboration.

The first is an indelible quality of the human essence, and it’s precisely this which allows us to enrich the interventions we make in reality, for example, in imagining ways of mutually enriching the numerous cultural identities interacting today. The second, collaboration, is the perfect catalyst for channeling this plural energy, allowing it to unfold shared realities unto new limits.

This is Not America is a multidisciplinary effort to shake the old paradigms of cultural diversity. It’s a vivid experiment that aims to reimagine the world’s cartography, not based on elements separated by borders, but from a shared territory manifesting itself in ominous friction, inevitable, and certainly magical.

What better way than with the artistic voices of diverse cultures which, tuned in, and acting as ambassadors for their respective identities, are committed to reconfiguring the old maps and renewing the ultra-diverse imagery which today represents all of us?

Is not this multiplicity the jewel in humanity’s crown? Is it not through practicing, and sharing, that today, we can relegate that sacred aspect of our collective existence? We can recall that the cultural separation that’s marked our history is part of a process whose second, and inevitable, stage is a meeting —solve et coagula, as the alchemists would say. Today it’s time to become aware of this, and to celebrate, more than ever, the sacred diversity that unites people as human beings, and now without exception.

Image: Mirta Toledo – Creative Commons

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