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Emerging Argentinian Artist Adrian Villar Rojas Monumental Sculptures


Conjuring prehistoric times, Villa Rojas makes epic clay and concrete sculptures that have won him great prestige in the art world.

With a monumental production, Adrian Villar Rojas is one of the Argentinian emerging artists who is getting the most critical attention today. Aged 34, this native of Rosario has already exhibited important work in mayor museums of New York, Italy, Mexico, Columbia, Germany and France, generally receiving positive reviews from critics and the public at large.

His sculptural technique, bolstered by a powerful imagination, makes his work enjoyable from a refined aesthetic point of view as well as from a purely impressionistic and sensory one.

His series of sculptures presented at the Venice Biennale, in which he transmutes the death of his ancestors into gigantic marine creatures, is particularly notable. Erected in a forest or back patio are the bones of ancient creatures, behemoths, fantastical dinosaurs whose anachronism makes for a profound impact on any visitor. Representing his grandfather and other dead family members as animals from another era seems to strike directly into our collective unconscious memory.

Also memorable is Villar Rojas’ installation titled “A Person Loved Me,” in New York’s New Museum. In the middle of the room one sees a strange, clay artifact (what Villar Rojas calls “an instantaneous ruin”) that seems to be a hyper-dimensional machine from an ancient, yet advanced civilization. ––Or maybe, strangely, the ruins of a future one.

Only 34 years old, Villar Rojas’ potential seems limitless.

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