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Flying Houses

Flying Houses: an aesthetic delight, a metaphor of home


Daily house-life would become so surreal if only we could watch it float.

Flying Houses, by French artist Laurent Chehere, is a series of surrealist photographs depicting floating houses. The houses, superimposed over a backdrop of the sky, are perfect metaphors for journeys; a childish yet crucial reminder to take our home wherever we go.

What happens when you isolate a house from its chaotic environment? All that’s left is architecture and style. “These houses are all suburban, with trash, problems and responsibilities,” says Chehere. He symbolizes a volatile home environment with, for example, a house on fire. As if the walls could finally speak out, each house is a representation of the circumstances lived inside them.

It is precisely in the more conventional of terms of our existence where we need a poetic, or well surreal version of life. Flying Houses also invites us to question: How much our houses are ourselves?

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