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Ghostark phone

Ghostark: The New “Iphone” for Ghost-Hunting


Technology and the paranormal bring out their best in this product similar to an iPhone that measures all electromagnetic frequencies.

GhostArk is a honeypot for all paranormal, spiritist and high-tech enthusiasts. It’s a digital device that comprises all the equipment so far invented to detect the presence of a ghost. If it works – it is only in the development process – all the Victorian spiritist inventions and mediums will become truly obsolete.

The Italian firm that designed GhostArk claims to have created a kind of iPhone that will “make ghost hunting accessible to all.” Massimo Rossi, the mind behind the device, hired a Japanese robotics engineer to employ the latest technology in the field, which means the device could measure air temperature and pressure as well as the local electromagnetic fields. This information is then automatically stored in immense spreadsheets to be analyzed later, but can also be monitored on GhostArk’s screen in real time. The apparatus will have multiple microphones to record ambience sounds and can switch between radio frequencies to detect ghostly messages. It also includes a white noise generator, as it is believed that spirits sometimes communicate by turning ambience noise into sounds.

In addition, GhostArk is designed so that the user can quickly change the batteries in the event that a mischievous ghost decides to drain it of power prematurely. Rossi has faced all kinds of skepticism from his work team, but once it came to testing the device, they were all curious.

Now all he has to do is meet the challenge of delivering a physical product that matches its attractive publicity. And if that happens, we will be able to carry a futurist medium in our pockets for use whenever required.

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