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a storm

If Rothko’s paintings were seascapes…


'Rothko seascapes’ is a series of photographs that emulates the blurry layers, full of abstract genius, found in Mark Rothko’s work.

Rothko’s abstract paintings are the type of work that people will either regard as an absolute fraud or they as absolutely brilliant. For the latter group, these photographs by Tim Burns will be delightful. They were taken in Bolinas, California, and their meditative and blurry hues speak directly to the rectangular paintings and the layers of color that Mark Rothko created in the Fifties. These are not merely captivating photographs, but they also, in a way, explain why Rothko can be so majestic and memorable. In Burns’ words:

These photos were taken from Duxbury Point, Bolinas CA. They are fleeting moments, a dance of sorts, between the ocean, fog and light. These images show an ever-changing kaleidoscope of beauty, set to the backdrop of Bolinas Bay. The vantage point is from a bird’s point of view, flying above the ocean surface that is participating in a play, choreographed by nature. This is when the magic happens, with only the sound of the reef and wind; the birds dive in and around the surface of the ocean. The wind is gently skimming on the surface, with the rays of light piercing through the fog to spot light the scene, a poetic exchange. There is often a surreal luminosity where the blurring and grayness of lines across the horizon create an ethereal flow. The veil of fog is lifted only for an instant allowing the sun’s rays to spotlight a segment while the waves and tide continue their rhythmic exchange. A calm, quiet, peaceful interplay, a meditation of sorts, these waning moments are evidence to the enduring beauty of Nature.

Rothko seascapesRothko seascapesRothko seascapesRothko seascapesRothko seascapesRothko seascapesRothko seascapes


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