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Learn how to program with David J. Malan, Harvard Professor


David J. Malan, a charismatic professor, has uploaded his programming classes to the Internet, one of our era’s most essential types of knowledge.

Programming has become a fundamental tool in our time. With the enormous presence of informatics, computing systems and artificial intelligence, in the everyday lives of millions of people, programming means having access to a world of endless possibilities.

One of the advantages of this discipline is that, in a way, it is self-sustainable: it takes advantage of the same resources it develops to benefit others. For example by spreading knowledge and encouraging self-learning.

Among the many online resources we can use to learn how to program, a project recently launched by Harvard University stands out. It is headed by Professor David J. Malan, who combines clear explanations, accessible language and his personal charisma and shares his lessons through a series of platforms: iTunesU, YouTube and the official website of Harvard University, which contain audio footage and high definition videos, as well as the full transcriptions of his lessons.

Without a doubt this represents a unique opportunity to participate in this vanguard of global transformation. At the end of the day, learning how to program is one of the most stimulating activities that can enable you to take control of your life and, additionally, to secure a well-paying job; however, more importantly perhaps, this activity can also have a positive impact on our shared reality.

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