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Map of London marked with locations of famous literary characters.

Literary London, A Map Outlined by its Fictional Characters


Literary London’s creators locate the fictional characters that were invented and who lived in London.

The map of London has different levels of unreality. One of them belongs entirely to literature —where, above all, Charles Dickens wanders with his ghosts—, however, this literary map unfolds with each novel that has been set in its streets. The final result is a mirror facing another mirror. Literary London’s creators did a beautiful job by drawing London with the fictional characters that were invented and inhabited the city.

This character legion which the Literary London Map gives shape to ranges from dreamers and dandies to the sinisterly eccentric and categorically dangerous; the famous and infamous, the less known. Each character was woven into the corners they liked to linger on or those they called home. There is Sherlock Holmes on Regent’s Park and Baker Street’s transited arteries; the Elephant Man in the London Hospital, or Dorian Grey in the luxurious West End and the decrepit East End.

Combining hand drawn typography and illustrations, more than fifty novels were mined to form this piece. Literary London’s maps are part of the Run for the Hills art collection, conceived by British artist Dex and interior designer Anna Burles.

You can order a print here and here.

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