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Madame Blavatsky Tells Us of the Possibility of Levitating


With the lightness of someone who describes the mechanism of walking, Madame Blavatsky exposes the physical possibility of levitation in “Isis Unveiled”.

In her brief dictionary of occultist terms in Isis Unveiled, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky presented an unusual term: AETHROBACY: Greek for walking or being raised in the air.

Some say that Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, telepathically received from a Tibetan master the doctrine contained within Isis Unveiled —which contains four volumes, each around 400 pages long. In it she not only defines levitation, but also exposes the reasons why it would be absurd to doubt its physical possibility.

To Blavatsky, there can be two types of levitation: conscious and unconscious.

The first is magic; the second imbalance, disease…

We have all experienced, at one time or another, the mysterious repulsion of two magnets that share the same pole. And even though this is an extraordinary thing, nobody doubts its authenticity or discards it as if it were a magical occurrence. Well, Blavatsky’s explanation surrounding levitation is not very different from this common experience:

The earth is a magnetic body; in fact, as some scientists have found, it is one vast magnet […] Human bodies, in common with all other forms of matter, are charged with the opposite form of electricity — negative […] Now, what is weight? Simply the attraction of the earth. […] The condition of our physical systems, say theurgic philosophers, is largely dependent upon the action of our will. If well-regulated, it can produce “miracles”; among others a change of this electrical polarity from negative to positive; the man’s relations with the earth-magnet would then become repellent, and “gravity” for him would have ceased to exist. […] This control over the physical forces once obtained, alteration of his levity or gravity would be as easy as breathing.

Nothing is easier: we just have to change our body’s polarity in order to have immediate access to levitation. As if we were one of those magnets which we played with as children, fascinated by the invisible force that repelled or attracted them, we can be in charge of our polarity at will, and we can be repelled or attracted by the greatest magnet: the Earth. At this point, we must return to what we mentioned before: if we do this at will, we will me doing magic, if we do not, then we shall be the victims of a process that has been triggered by some sort of imbalance.

The study of nervous diseases has proven that, both ordinary sleepwalking and the hypnotic, seem to diminish the body’s weight.

To this purpose, Blavatsky quotes professor Perty, who was able to see that a patient he was treating for sleepwalking could walk on water.

Thus there would be different physical forces that are capable of confronting gravity. And if these forces can be unconsciously triggered because of mental or corporeal imbalances, why shouldn’t we use them at will, that is, consciously?

And, if physical-nervous imbalances or spiritual ecstasies can unconsciously produce the same effect, we find that this force can be directed and regulated by our will power.

Therefore, at least according to Madame Blavatsky, in order to experience the attainable delight of floating, you only need to change your polarity to positive. And beyond the results you may achieve, changing your polarity from negative to positive —even if in a figurative sense— will probably give you a similar feeling to the lightness of Aethrobacy.

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