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Icy Water

Massage Your Perception by Watching This Frozen Lake Break up (Video)


A large body of water rhythmically shattering into icy shards against the shore is a very recommendable spectacle.

Undoubtedly the view is a direct bridge between two realities. What happens in one of them, the outside world, is so delectable and complex that it is registered in the other, in the interior of those who perceive it. An example of that is the host of sensations that can be produced in us by a certain landscape or determinate scene. It is difficult to not realize that certain patterns, textures or compositions exist that generate indelible sensations in us, and some of them are extremely pleasurable, and others are almost unbearable.

Concentrating on the former, in those that are enjoyable, we could refer to the sensual dance of magma inside a volcano, deliciously complemented by the veins of lava flowing across and embracing all the surfaces it touches, or when we look at the massaging volumes that form sand dunes.

Icy Water

The spectacle documented in this video is rather improbable, or at the very least awe-inspiring. Have you ever seen, even in video, a frozen lake breaking into layers of icy shards, shattering rhythmically against the rocky shore?

Whatever your answer, we invite you to submerge yourself for a couple of minutes in this pleasing demonstration documenting Lake Superior from Duluth, Minnesota, and to enjoy it.


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