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Miller-Hard's Floral Mandalas

Miller-Hard's Floral Mandalas


Playful botany: mandalas shed light on the implicit sensuality of botanical geometry.

“A mandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness and is seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself.” That is how the celebrated photographer Gregory Miller-Hard describes his series “Mandala”, which represents the complex machinery of flora as orbs. These works are first extrapolated from his macroflora images, then digitized to fuse with themselves into images of the perfect plenitude of flora.

Born in New Zealand, Miller-Hard is a surfer and studied botany, zoology and geography at the University of Auckland. Outdoor life and meticulous scientific study inspire his mindful, spiritual approach to nature.

“[The intervention] is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form,” Miller-Hard says about his series. “The macroflora photographs are created as from a bee’s point of view. An exploration of the beautiful inner realm of the botanica with minute detail layered and blended to reveal the third dimension of depth.”

Miller-Hard has turned his garden into his office and source of subject matter, devoting his work to the rediscovery of our common roots through art. His botanic art is a sensual and spiritual exploration of nature.

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