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Museu DE L’Erótica, in Barcelona


A concealed corner in Barcelona hides a fine selection of the erotic art of the Orient and of the ancient world.

On Barcelona’s La Rambla, just in front of the Boquería marketplace, a small building housing a private collection of erotic art can be found. The Museu de l’Erótica is the first museum in Spain that devotes itself entirely to erotica and offers a fairly attractive tour of different sexual practices that have produced throughout the history of humanity.

And although on the surface it may appear to be modest and shabby, the museum is a garden for the senses that is well worth experimenting. The collector clearly is fixated with the Orient and its oneiric sensuality: there we can find collections of Japanese Shunga, Hindu Kama Sutra and wooden pornographic carvings of the fascinating Edo period.

Observing the sexual activities of our forefathers is always a ravishing experience; many of them have been left behind in history (and perhaps we should resume some of them), while others continue but under a different light. And this transtemporal adventure through this multicultural erotic landscape is splendidly guided by the universal and quintessential language of art.

The aesthetic of this place is adequately kept in its dishevelled form. And this is, without a doubt, a great corner to lose oneself in the erotic archive of bodily pleasures.

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