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Photographic Reflections on the Paradoxical Solitude of Cities


The uninhabited landscapes of Wouter Stelwagen are a pleasant approach to forgotten cities.

The photographs of Wouter Stelwagen are a testimony of silence. They form a visual document that captures the silence of an uninhabited landscape as an aesthetic experience; portraits of a cold solitude that is created in big cities.

Visual narratives emanate from his works that are contrasts, compositions that value concrete as a visual element for creation. Repetition is key, as well as the pale tones in pastel colors, mist and wind, the inaudible elements that place themselves in the appropriate space for contemplation.

Stelwagen has the gift of being able to turn any city into a ghost town and that artistic folly potentially shows the confession of a city that, however it tries to hide its real face, ends up revealing itself as an emotional desert. Or it acts at least as a reminder that, paradoxically, solitude plagues large urban centers.

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