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Radio David Byrne: Playlists from the Leader of the Talking Heads


An internet radio show allows the Scottish musician to share his favorite music...

David Byrne is, to put it mildly, unique. His passions —after his one time leading role in the Talking Heads— have ranged from bicycles, to opera, to the relationship between architecture and music, and to art in its many dimensions. He’s even been one of very few to popularize the consumption of the world’s good news. Few know, even still, that for almost a decade the one-man orchestra has also performed a free, entirely unique show, all his own, on the internet.

Once each month, Byrne shares a thematically organized list of his own favorite music on the David Byrne Radio Station. The show is a delight for lovers of just about any kind of music. Byrne’s tastes, like those of any good experimental musician, span an enormous range of genres, and the resulting lists are as eclectic as they are exquisite.

Among the extravagant lists published over the years are curiosities like “Icelandic Pop”, “Eclectic Things”, “Viva Mexico” (parts 1 & 2) and “African Pop-Fusion.” The quirky selections are proof not only of Byrne’s refined taste, but also of his extraordinary musical knowledge. It’s knowledge that he shares on the radio station with the very same generosity for which he’s always been distinguished.

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