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red tea

Red tea, the best antioxidant beverage on earth

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In ancient times, drinking red tea was a privilege destined exclusively for the Chinese royalty, nowadays this tea is widely recognised for heading the list of antioxidant beverages.

Red tea is considered to be the most unusual of teas because it implies a consistently different preparation process. ––It is believed that its finding came upon surprisingly when traditional green tea was subjected to a preservation process to make it more resistant and long lasting. Unlike other conventional teas, red tea is fermented after being harvested for a period ranging from 2 to 60 years.

Normally its colour is light red and it can be compacted into circular or squared bales. Previously, red tea was recognised for two main properties: depuration and weight loss. In terms of depuration, it is recommended for its ability to cleanse the organism of certain toxins, such as alcohol. As a tool for weight loss, it is characterised for its ability to increase the liver’s metabolism and thus the stimulation of calorie burning which leads to shedding extra weight.

Over the course of recent years, red tea has begun to be recognised as the best of antioxidant beverages. In an investigation applied to 24-month-old rats, the peroxide lipid reduction was probed, which is usually associated with aging. As a result, the rats treated with the tea appeared to have the same age as three month old rats.

For the doctor and holistic medicine expert Norman Shealy, red tea should take the place of the main drink next to water because, in addition to the above, it also improves allergic and nervous situations, the immune system and digestion.

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