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Sixteen year old develops method of converting plastic into bio-fuel


Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad, only sixteen years old, has the potential to change the whole energy industry in Egypt.

Age is no obstacle for genius, especially when it is bringing something positive into the world, something that needs vigor and could help hundreds and even thousands of people to better live their lives. We need only remember that people under 30 years of age have developed the most brilliant ecological projects in our Digital Age.

Such is the case of Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad, a young Egyptian girl who developed a way to turn recycled plastic into bio-fuels using a procedure that is considerably less costly than the existing methods. Azza proposes using a high-performance catalyst known as aluminosilicate to break up the polymers found in beverage bottles. The reaction between the two compounds would also free gasses like methane, propane and ethane which could be turned into ethanol.

Plastic is a topic which, against every world-class method for environmental care, is still catastrophic. The best minds of the future generations could not choose a better subject for their attention than the eradication of this material. With the amount of plastic used in Egypt, this young woman could also give the country 78 million dollars in bio-fuel.

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