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Some Formulas to Travel in Time


Time is a journey without a map: neither clocks, nor calendars, nor objects can moor it.

Time cannot be trapped by clocks: our measurements in this regard reflect our understanding of it, but said conceptions have changed throughout history. However, since the founding cosmogonies present in every civilizations mythologies, time represents the character of a story, or it is susceptible to transforming itself into one.

Our present is crossed by the possibility to understand the past (History) and project the future —and aside from mythology, science has been a great source of inspiration to embark on hypothetical journeys —in one direction or another— through time’s intertwining ringlets.

Minute Physics’ new video is a quantic travel agency of sorts, where the time traveller faces the following options: 

Easy ways to time travel

• Do nothing. As easy as that: since you began reading this article you have travelled a couple of minutes in time.

• Since time is relative, walking makes you move in an imperceptibly quicker time reality than someone who is still. This may not be a huge leap in time but, hey, it’s better than living tied to the present.

• Stand up: Believe it or not, the closer you are to the center of the Earth, the greater the planet’s gravitational pull will be. According to Einstein’s theory, the further away you move from this pull, time’s speed will change.

Difficult ways to time travel

• Spin the galaxy: If you could remain immobile on the galaxy’s rotation axis, you would eventually see the same events happen over and over again —of course you would have to me immortal, or make the galaxy spin on its own axis, which is a bit tricky.

• Build a superdense and infinite cylinder: Once you have done this, make it spin infinitely fast so that time becomes curved. Remember, it must be infinite, not just VERY big. Or you can introduce negative energy within the cylinder (but you’ll have to find it first).

• Build a wormhole: Unfortunately, wormholes are just a theoretical product that asserts that you can connect two different spaces in a single moment. The problem is that nobody knows how to build one since nobody knows what the negative energy (sometimes called exotic matter) that causes it is made of.

If these difficulties have disappointed you, congratulations! It has been 6 or 7 minutes since you started reading this article, which means chrononautics is inescapable.

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