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Medieval sketch of sea monster eating a fish.

The Alphabet of Medieval Sea Monsters


‘There Be Monsters’ by Stella Björg, is a stunning typographic alphabet inspired by the marine creatures found in medieval maps.

Decorated letters could be lithography’s topography. Designers contribute new ways of breaking a text into pieces to take every piece in our hands as if this was a tiny treasure, full of meaning. Pure semiotic that enlightens the construction and identity of that “thing” that is language, which gives shape to the world. And if the letters of an alphabet are made of monsters and chimeras, there is no better way of telling ourselves the story of the world.

There Be Monsters is inspired by the medieval maps that included sea creatures and other imaginary beings that inhabited empty spaces. It was about time that these fascinating characters jumped out of those maps and into the real world. Created by the graphic designer and illustrator

Stella Björg, each letter of the alphabet represents a sea monster that is accompanied by elements like water, ships and small fish that complete its shape.

Björg creates a self-evident language that confesses is integrated by demons of ancient imagination. And while this may seem a little sinister for children (even if the naïve quality minimizes its impact), is a wonderful study poster for those who love bestiaries and fantasy literature.

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