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The Evolutionary History of Art in 10 Steps (Infographic)


Infographics are fortunately filling the internet’s panorama, and it was about time one of them was about art.

The becoming of art is a complex lattice connected to the course of religions, sciences and history and, as T.S. Eliot asserts, to that which is human. To discern its depths, in the complete source of its inspiring transformation, enough is said by referring to E. H. Gombrich and his famous The History of Art, or to Kenneth Clark’s magnificent book Civilisation –– the names of the works throws a light on the subjects that extend for kilometres or tetrameters. But, for practical ends, here’s an attractive and well-designed infographic entitled “Art Evolution: The History of Art in 10 Steps”.

A few square pixels are enough to capture so much wisdom and beauty, or at least its graphic reference. From the ritualistic cave paintings to Street Art, 10 steps seem to encompass it all. It undoubtedly is an excellent source of didactic material that could be used in a class, or of course in many informal conversations. Which movements would you have included? How many pixels are missing to complete this timeline? It would be a marvellous practice to extend the list.

An infographic showing the history of art


The chosen images speak perfectly of their period –– the baroque ornamentation is well contoured with Venus’ silhouette in the mirror — many will be able to say that they skipped romanticism and that they would have included Goya or Ingres — and that is really what infographics are all about, spending the day in 80 worlds.

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