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The Finest Gift: A Reminder From David Lynch on the Benefits of Meditation


Articles of jewelry remind us, in two distinct manners, of the generosity of transcendental meditation.

On numerous occasions, David Lynch has praised transcendental meditation as a technique which, over the 40 years he’s been practicing it, has proven extremely generous. This long relationship began one day when the filmmaker heard a very simple saying, one which many of us have no doubt heard: “True happiness is not out there. True happiness lies within”. For Lynch, the statement made sense, but at the time he didn’t really know why, how or where the truth of the words resided. “One day it hit me that meditation would be the way to go within”, related the filmmaker.

According to Lynch, transcendental meditation allowed him to understand that the possibility of transcendence is available within this reality, as are unlimited reserves of energy, creativity, and happiness which can be reached without tension and which reside inside all of us. It’s a level of “infinite consciousness” and a treasure, in Lynch’s description.

The filmmaker’s enthusiasm for meditation led him to extend his practice to other people, specifically to children and adults affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a psychological disorder which results after the experience of trauma. People who live through wars, who’ve spent some part of their lives under conditions of violence, or those who’ve suffered abuse are some of the most frequent victims of the disorder, and, in Lynch’s conviction, for whom transcendental meditation offers the possibility of recovery.

To these ends, the foundation which bears Lynch’s name has traveled the world since 2005 to share transcendental meditation among those who might benefit most from its practice. Among the ways the Foundation sustains its activity is through the sale of jewelry bearing an eloquent symbol: the eye of meditation.

In a way, each item is a doubly fulfilling gift because, by acquiring any one of the pieces, one gets a permanent reminder of the importance and generosity of meditation. On the other hand, one is also supporting the David Lynch Foundation in its efforts to bring knowledge of the discipline to others.

After all, the essence of the gift is in the giving of something truly invaluable.
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