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Digital Sound Pharmacy

The Message, A Digital Sound Pharmacy


The Message is a website that offers sounds that can heal complex emotions.

The Message is a contemplative sound project, created by Liminal Analytics: “Applied Research Collaborative to aid in exploring the outer edges of society and mind.” According to their own description, the sonorous website invites the listener to ‘delve into the sense of the “luminous space” that surrounds us.’ This is a website that works as a thematic anthology of sonorous environments, which allow us to enter different conscious environments through the awareness of what we are listening to.

The website transports you to a field where you can listen to the music of insects; a city with streetlights and stars while you daydream about being there, safe and sound; a partial lunar eclipse or to a forest in Autumn. Each one of these is a complete album which you can buy on their page for bargain prices.

If we consider that music is one of the best ways we can cure any emotional state, or extend the duration of its effects, then an anthology of thematic sounds (and one that is growing) is also a pharmacy. A warehouse of digital espagiria. Additionally, the website’s creators are scholars, writers and executives who focus on finding solutions to complex problems; modernity’s psyche being one of the most important ones. Go ahead, enter the pharmacy and self-medicate with any of their albums.

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