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“the Power of Creation,” a Champagne Bottle Designed by David Lynch


The multifaceted film director is now trying his hand at designing luxury items with his new flashy bottle of champagne, made for the celebrated brand, Dom Perignon.

Though many would love see David Lynch continue making films, these “sabbatical” years have been anything but unproductive. The genius US film director has demonstrated that he’s an artist in every sense of the word, with curiosities as varied as DJing at celebrity parties, producing a blues album, promoting transcendental meditation, designing a nightclub in Paris and now designing a bottle of champagne for Dom Perignon’s special collection, a drink coveted for its mystique and elegance.

The exclusive bottle has the name “The Power of Creation,” which evokes the conceptual exploration of artistic creation—that powerful bolt of insight that seems to come from the void. Lynch had already directed a commercial for the popular champagne brand, which he wrote alongside the special effects expert, Gary D’Amico. The result was a high-tech, hyper-stylized scene where glasses of champagne were shot through by rays of light while fog machines and torch-lights flared in the background, creating an ominous atmosphere that evoked both metaphysics and luxury.

Lynch presented his design of the Dom Perignon bottle a couple of days ago at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood where some of the scenes of his film, Mullholand Drive, were originally shot.

Lynch, always straight to the point (that is, when he’s not making films obscured by symbolism), says of his creative versatility, simply: “I like to experiment.”


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