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The Science House Foundation: Generating Love for Science in Schools Around the World


The SHF creates educational programs and implements them in schools, it also aids organisations that want to use science to improve their students' lives.

In order to improve global education, it is essential for teachers to impress their love for their subject on their work. An educator must be passionate about his job to be able to transmit their love for any subject, science for example. In this manner, someone who is passionate about education will find the most important advances in the field of sciences, placing them to the service of their students, and they will introduce them as what they truly are: stimulating challenges.

The Science House Foundation, is an organisation that is passionate about science and it seeks to spread this love to students around the world. To do so they employ teachers that are enamoured with their practice. This organisation creates study plans that can be applied by teachers who are truly moved by the scientific advances and its challenges.

Renowned scientists have collaborated with SHF by designing attractive, comprehensible and exciting lessons. Additionally, the organisation provides scientific tools, like microscopes and small robots to the schools, which students can use to put their lessons into practice. The classes are complemented by alliances with scientific organisations that help them implement strategic actions that spread the love for science while they promote scientific talent.

Generally speaking, it’s safe to say that study plans deal with sciences as a world separated from life. Far from promoting a paradigm that tells us how to live and conceive life, but sciences should adapt to a context that encourages the natural exploration of the world —in this sense, sciences must be taught as liaisons that will help students relate their lessons to their own existential searches, using science to make sense of life.

Passion is essential for The Science House Foundation, and this must be transmitted down the educational ladder; the pedagogic tools should help us make sense of the advances in the field of science, from those that embody our most philosophical human needs, to the emotional and spiritual ones.

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