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The Sensational Gardens of Frosinone


Somewhere between public and private, artificial and natural, the Frosinone Gardens are built especially to encourage social sustainability

As is well known, one of the main motives for building city parks is for neighbors to come together in a safe and healthy social environment. Elaborating on this basic premise, Nabito Architects have taken the park in Corzio Lazio, a residential neighborhood of Frosinone, in Italy, one step further. The materials and even the vegetation of the park were selected and especially designed for the delight of our five senses. Because of the varying altitudes within the area, only small parts of the park can ever be seen at once, which fosters an intimate and warm felling of nature.

The Sensational Gardens (which has waited 25 years to come true) represents the beginning of a master plan to reintegrate and renew public spaces in the Corso Lazio neighborhood. Given that its main “theme” is the five senses, everything around it is waking them up and playing with them.

The architects hope to fulfill the great social emptiness that has been lurking in the neighborhood with a playful, cozy setting that gives visitors the feeling of being at home while remaining active in the community.

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