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The soundtrack of an imaginary film in homage to the French new wave


Brian Jonestown Massacre created an educational and synesthetic tribute to one of history’s most brilliant trends in the history of cinema.

“The album you are about to hear is a homemade soundtrack in homage to the great directors and filmmakers of an era that now seems to have been leftr behind,” says Anton Newcombe, leader of the band Brian Jonestown Massacre and director of this singular tribute.

Musique de Film Imaginé is the name of this soundtrack that, as its name suggests, provides music for a non-existent film. For Anton, music is more than an abstract object of entertainment: it is a way of reaching the mental flow where ideas run like a river of imagination.

In the soundtrack, Brian Jonestown Massacre pays tribute to the great directors of European cinema of the 1950s and 1960s: François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard. The parade of harmonies is multi-instrumentalist and aims to reinterpret, in a synesthetic way, the great films of the nouvelle vague.

The album contains an exquisite variety of somber sounds that accompany the spontaneous voices of two singers and actresses. It begins with a serence track, a marvelous melody on the piccolo that leads to a melancholy, gray atmosphere that retains its smoothness and mystery. That is followed by the sweet voice of SoKo, a French artist and an emblem of contemporary folk, accompanied by a determined orchestra.

At some point in the euphony appears the voice of Italian artist Asia Argento, who is the second great muse. She subtly seduces the listener and links them to the determining scene of the film, enabling them to almost see the most dramatic moments of the narrative.

“Now it’s your turn, you are the listener to imagine the film,” Newcombe says.

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