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The Virtuoso Musicians of the New York Subway


Rhythm in Motion is a series of short films documenting the music of virtuosos that make a living busking in the New York subway.

There are extraordinary musicians in the world that seek above all to be close to the people and whose main aim is to weave their way into the fabric of the reality of another and provide a soundtrack to their experience for a few minutes. It is well known that in the streets and subways of New York some of the most improbable and virtuoso characters of our times have emerged (such as Moondog, for example) but, until now, the registry of those events had mostly remained in the hands of passersby who filmed them with their cameras.

Nobody had set themselves the task of investigating and documenting what led those musicians to play in the New York subway and the story behind those people who are so loved by the city’s inhabitants, until Rhythm in Motion came along.

It is a new series of mini-short films about the musical universe that takes place in the underground layer of that great city. Each week a new chapter is published that briefly charts the story of a busker. There is, for example, the beautiful story of Elijah and Jeremiah, an improbable duo featuring an 80-year-old man (Elijah, known by many as “Carolina Slim”) and a 20-year-old (Jeremiah), who have been playing blues in the subway for twelve years. There is also a band of all-women mariachis, a gospel singer and a man who plays an incredible beatbox.

The musicians in the subway are a huge part of the New York vibe, and hearing their stories is to understand a little about the rhythms and the motives that move that city.


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