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An Icefield

There, in Iceland


Take a look at the improbable beauty of this island.

Among the numerous marvels that we can find traveling around the world, there are countries that are especially blessed, as if during the design of the earth they received peculiar characteristics that appeal to our taste for the extreme.

Characterized by the effervescent nature that populates its territory, this island located to the west of Scandinavia has historically been safeguarded from the systematic intrusion of conquerors and tourists. That, added to the fact that it has a surface area that barely surpasses 100,000km2, means that its little more than 300,000 inhabitants exist in a dynamic that, paradoxically, is a fusion of a community-spirit and solitude.

The cleanness of its colors, the existence of opposing forces (glaciers, volcanoes, deserts of ash and mythological waterfalls) and its inhabitants’ organic veneration of nature all suggests a virginity of the landscape that has an emotional effect on the visitor.

In Iceland an important banker can share his encounters with the spirits of the water or the forests. In Iceland, all the inhabitants were related just five or six generations ago. In Iceland, the inhabitants are invited to directly participate in the drawing up of a new constitution via the Internet. In Iceland, lucid dreams are distillated in landscapes that will change the lives of all those who visit.

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