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Want to Go Vegetarian? This App Gives You the Strongest Argument Yet


The Food Monster app presents vegetarian cooking that will captivate your senses.

Switching to a vegetarian diet has special relevance today. Unlike in the past, meat consumption today is associated with at least two environmental factors: water consumption and carbon emissions. Some studies have found links between meat consumption and disease or illness. Lastly, nearly all the meat we eat is obtained, in one way or another, through suffering inflicted on animals.

If everything seems to be going against the consumption of meat, why not just stop eating it? The answer is multi-layered. Certainly, resistance can be simply explained by tastes we’ve developed for food derived from animals. For humans, our true nature is our culture. That’s to say that even our most basic needs, such as food, are shaped by the context in which these needs develop.

But if it’s true for our taste for meat, the same formula could be applied to a vegetarian diet. Beyond our health, environment and even spiritual concerns with the eating of meat, our main difficulty in going vegetarian is simply that we don’t like thinking, “could we get to liking this?”

Vegan Recipe App

That’s, in part, the thinking behind the Food Monster app. It compiles some vegetarian recipes along with a very seductive content: images in multiple formats (videos, GIFs, photos) and these, in a word, will seduce you. Vegetarian cuisine is presented as every bit as succulent as dishes that include meat among their main ingredients.

More than 5,000 dishes are designed to entice your palate. And their catalog is clear in its promise: to delight all of the senses.

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