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Welcome to the World's Greenest School


Greenschool, in Bali, has broken down all the barriers of traditional education and promises to be a real oasis for the future of the world.

There are three rules that lie behind all decisions in this unlikely school in Bali: be local; let your environment be your guide; and envisage how your grandchildren will be affected by your actions.

Greenschool appears to be an oasis that will fill the world with potable ideas. The U.S. Green Building Council Center for Green Schools named the school ‘the world’s greenest’ in 2012.

There are more and more initiatives to implement holistic education based on sustainability, but until now none of them have managed to break down the barriers like Greenschool has, at a time when we should review whether more of the same is even acceptable.

The school’s curriculum combines the academic rigor one would expect from schools and institutes of higher education with empirical learning in the arts and agriculture and farming. The students come from all over the world, diversifying the cohabitation and contributing to 

the ecological awareness they bring from their countries and take home in the future. Greenschool prepares its pupils to be critical and creative thinkers that will have enough confidence to lead the planet’s sustainable future. And its campus is the true oasis.

Wrapped in the foliage of a gentle jungle, all of the buildings are made mostly of bamboo, a local and sustainable natural resource. In the wall-less classrooms the pupils have the distractions of nature, which do not enter into conflict with learning and are considered acceptable. The Ayung river forks in one of the jungle gardens and is part of the children’s activities; one wishes to be a student again to attend this sophisticated and lush school.

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