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What Does a Full Moon Sound Like?


Listen to the minimalist music that harmonizes the twelve full moons of the Indian calendar.

Have you ever asked yourself what the moon sounds like? What are the notes of its celestial vibration, or what cosmic symphony is composed by its simple existence? From a Pythagorean perspective, the music of the spheres exists as long as mathematical harmony makes it possible (remember the music of the spheres). In contrast, in Rachel Evans’ perception, the music of the moon can be heard while you contemplate its brightness.

‘Motion Sickness Of Time Travel’ is the name of Evans’ experimental project. She is an alchemist of the sounds of drones from the wooded landscapes of Georgia, USA, and has created a factory of minimalist symphonies to provide ambience to nature and its cosmic metaphors, a process she has used to create around 100 tapes and records.

The last twelve records that she has created feature an experimental and lengthy ballad inspired by the twelve moons of the Indian calendar. Among the Native American tribes, especially the Algonquin, each moon had its own name and were considered a force that significantly influenced nature, agriculture, hunting and fishing.

Her sparse and abstract ballads, which are a little difficult to assimilate on first hearing, are impregnated with mournful synthesizers that for brief moments become reflective and melancholic. And it is no surprise that the sounds become more awe-inspiring and clear when night falls, unlike a daytime listening, when the lunar music can become more dense and confusing.

Ballade for a Snow Moon is one of the most appealing pieces. Inspired by the February moon, it pays tribute to those beautiful iced crystals that together form the heaviest snow of the year. Ballade for a Seed Moonthe mystical ballad for the April moon, pays tribute to the fresh grass and the first flowers of spring. Ballade for a Harvest Moonfor September, is perhaps the smoothest and most pleasing. The full moon comes around the time of the autumn equinox and the ballad honors the harvest and the falling dry leaves.

Through these suggestive and minimalist odes, Evans created the ideal potion to imagine the sound of the moon through time travel, an exodus with the light of the spheres as celestial transport.

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