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Wondrous Crossings: The Succulent Rock Formations of Valley of Lua


Lua is a truly geological treasure hidden in the core of Brazil.

Within private property and close to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil, an amazing and ancient place can be found––Vale de Lua, which holds a close resemblance to an aquatic park: it is filled with rock pools, natural slides, and waterfalls.

Its name, which means “valley of the Moon”, comes from the smooth and soft texture of its rocks (similar to the ones scientists have observed on the Moon). These rocks were formed by centuries of flowing rivers and lava. What is interesting about “Vale de Lua” is that even though it is filled with natural beauty, it is relatively unknown to the millions of travelers from many parts of the world that visit Brazil every year.

According to NASA, Chapada dos Veadeiros shines with more intensity than any other place on Earth as seen from space. This region is abundant in quartz crystals that reflect the light of the Sun, which in turn is responsible for such an intense glimmer. In 2001 the UNESCO named “Vale de Lua” a World Heritage Site.


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