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Would you found your own micro-nation? These eccentric examples show how easy it can be


Politics is often an exercise of fiction, and the possibility of founding a micro-nation demonstrates that.

Founding a country is, in some ways, a simple task. It is enough to manifest its existence and the motives for creating a new political entity. At least that is what has been demonstrated by the history of micro-nations, small territories that, above all in the last few decades, have emerged as a consequence of social dissatisfaction or, to a lesser extent, as an artistic vindication.

Although it may appear eccentric, these exercises are not so different from the way in which other countries were founded (You can actually start your own micro-nation following these steps).The difference is, perhaps, in the mythical aura that surrounds the emergence of a nation, the epic stories of conquest and journeys that gave sustenance to that great fiction that we call nationality.

We have reviewed several of these mini-kingdoms, but here are others. Going by these examples, it would seem that a certain upstart eccentricity is the ideal characteristic for forming a new country.


Its founder, Eli Avivi, sued the Israeli government in 1970 for bulldozing the house he lived in (illegally, according to the authorities) to use the land as part of a military base. Avivi then founded his own nation, of which he was democratically elected president by himself.

Coral Sea Islands

This nation, with the official name of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, was founded in 2004 to protest the Australian government’s refusal to recognize marriage between people of the same sex.

Kingdom of Redonda

Redonda island exists in the Caribbean but the kingdom is fictitious. It was created by English writer M. P. Shiel, but it was the Spanish writer Javier Marías who consolidated the fable surrounding the island, the nobles of which include personalities such as Pedro Almodóvar, Umberto Eco, Milan Kundera, Alice Munro and various others.

Glacier Republic

Greenpeace founded this micro-nation in 2014 in an area of the Andes disputed by the governments of Argentina and Chile. The NGO’s aim was to call attention to the lack of conservation policies for glaciers.

Other World Kingdom

The motto of this nation is “women over all men,” based on a matriarchal hierarchy in which the slavery of men is permitted (above all with sexual ends), located in the city of Černá in the Czech Republic.

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